Hydraulic System – Advance

Benefits for Customers

  • Higher Productivity of Machinery and Equipment’s, due to appropriate maintenance practices.
  • Reduce Total operation cost due to reducing the machine downtime, by carry out correct diagnosis and unnecessary replacement of parts.

Course Content

  • Working of equipment’s hydraulics systems & components.
  • Hydraulic symbols and circuit diagrams – reading & interpretation.
  • Manufacturer’s tech specs and service procedures for hydraulic systems in use.
  • Identification and use of various hand tools; and their calibration.
  • Procedure for removal and refitment of hydraulic parts / components from the equipment.
  • Technique of laying out removed parts in logical sequence to aid re-assembly.
  • Methods of keeping components parts together after stripping.
  • Techniques of inspecting removed parts for wear and tear/damage.
  • Techniques of checking new parts like seals, gaskets, and filters before fitment.
  • Post repairs & re-fitment, operation test of hydraulic system / sub assembly.

Education Qualification/ Eligibility

  • ITI /Diploma
  • 3-4 Years’ Field Experience

Course Code: SIT/CTA-003

Duration: 10 Days

Location: SIT Nagpur

No of Participants: 8- 12 Students per Batch

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